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About us

Happy Clothing is the first unit to come up with the idea of ​​printing baby pictures on real products.

With the desire to give children a unique creative experience, Happy Clothing creates creative templates available to allow babies to design with all art materials without limitation. After the design experience, children will receive a finished shirt or skirt that is printed and sewn 100% like their paintings.

This experience not only stimulates the need to express personal preferences, but also the creativity of the baby through the use of open materials to create products with their own mark. Thereby, it contributes to the development of artistic abilities, fosters confidence and enhances creativity for the baby.

Like other quality products for kids, Happy Clothing also comes from a mother with the desire to create a safe and most comfortable product for children. Therefore, all Happy Clothing products are sewn with high quality fabric of Smart Fabric, have been tested and certified without Formaldehyde (Formol), with EPSON water-based ink meeting safety standards. for wearers, especially children on a global scale.

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